Rifle Safes

Our range of Rifle and Gun Safes will ensure secure storage of rifles, pistols and ammunition.

We offer a wide variety of SABS and SAPS-approved (Group B2) safes with 3 mm body and 6 mm door will protect your firearms from theft and from falling into the wrong hands.

All firearm safes are supplied as standard with key locks, and digital electronic or combination locks are available on request. In the case that you require size or configuration that is not standard we can manufacture to your specific needs.

2-3rifle-safes Rifle Safes  2 + 3
2 Rifle Safes
1350 x 275 x 200mm
35 kgs3 Rifle Safes
1350 x 275 x 300mm
45 kgs
Quote per Specification
 5 Rifle Safes 5 5 Rifle Safes 5
1350 height x 420 width x 300mm depth
Safe & Security
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 6-12combo-rifle-safes 6, 8, 10 or 12 Rifle Combo Safe
1305 height x 510 width
by depth 510mm
100 kg
Quote per Specification
 16 Rifle Safe 16 Rifle Safe
1500 height x 600 width x 600mm depth
130 kg
2 x adjustable shelves supplied
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 612-rifle-safes 6, 8,10 or 12 Rifle Safe
(top and bottom) Safes
1510 height x 510 width by depth
510 – 120 kg
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 Double Door Combo Safe Double Door Combo Safe
32 to 36 Rifles
1510 height x 1020 width x 510mm depth
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