Guard Towers

Why installing Guard Towers/Guard Houses on your premises is important for security

Whether for your business or your home, having a guard tower or house on your premises is beneficial when it comes to security. Guard towers allow for unobstructed views which means that you can see what is happening beyond your premises and assess potential threats. It allows for security of the property as well as the guard sitting in the tower.

Built for Safety:

Guard towers are for the security of your property, but they are also built with the safety of the guard in mind. For the guard to do their job properly, it is important for them to be secure. At the top of a guard tower there is a room. This room protects the guard from the weather conditions. These rooms can also be fitted with bullet proof glass depending on their working conditions.

The guard room is surrounded by a walkway with a railing. This ensures the security of the guard if they are patrolling outside the guard room. The guard room is accessed by use of a ladder or stairs which allows them to take appropriate action before the threat reaches them.

5 Different styles to choose from:

  • All purpose
  • General
  • GF Guard tower (as below details)
  • Observation platform
  • Semi or Full ballistic (made to client specification)

Guard Tower Specifications

  • 6m @ foot level
  • 2x2m guard house
  • Full 360 walk around.
  • Cattladder
  • Hot dipped Galvanised

Property Security:

Situating the guard room above ground gives the guard a clear view of the surrounding area. The height allows them to see and control any potential threats. It also gives the guard time to act before the threat is too close or even too far.

Guard towers are also beneficial when you are trying to stop something from leaving the property. Prisons use guard towers to monitor prisoners and to prevent prisoners from escaping. Game farms also use guard towers to prevent animals from escaping or poachers from entering. Guard towers are used for security purposes.

Guard Towers

Guard tower options

Hot dipped galvanized steel tower structure cross bean support, platform with catladder and balistrate.

Height Options:

  • 4,5m @ foot height
  • 6m @ foot height
  • 7,5m @ foot heitht
  • 9m @ foot height

Guard house options for top of tower structure, wheather, wind & rust resistant

  • 1,0m X 1,0m X 2,2m Walk around all hieght options
  • 1,0m X 2,0m X 2,2m only large front standing platform
  • 2,0m X 2,0m X 2,2m No walk around (can be custom designed to include if needed.)

Windows options:

  • 500mm x 500m Horizontal opening
  • 1000m x 700mm Fixed
  • 1000mm x 700mm Horizontal opening
  • 1800mm x 1000mm Fixed
  • 800mm x 10000mm Horizontal sliding

Optional Extra’s

  • DB Box
  • Bench
  • Aircon
  • Lights

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