Guard Towers

5 Different styles to choose from:

  • All purpose
  • General
  • GF Guard tower (as below details)
  • Observation platform
  • Semi or Full ballistic (made to client specification)

Guard Tower Specifications

  • 6m @ foot level
  • 2x2m guard house
  • Full 360 walk around.
  • Cattladder
  • Hot dipped Galvanised

Guard tower options

Hot dipped galvanized steel tower structure cross bean support, platform with catladder and balistrate.

Height Options:

  • 4,5m @ foot height
  • 6m @ foot height
  • 7,5m @ foot heitht
  • 9m @ foot height

Guard house options for top of tower structure, wheather, wind & rust resistant

  • 1,0m X 1,0m X 2,2m Walk around all hieght options
  • 1,0m X 2,0m X 2,2m only large front standing platform
  • 2,0m X 2,0m X 2,2m No walk around (can be custom designed to include if needed.)

Windows options;

  • 500mm x 500m Horizontal opening
  • 1000m x 700mm Fixed
  • 1000mm x 700mm Horizontal opening
  • 1800mm x 1000mm Fixed
  • 800mm x 10000mm Horizontal sliding

Optional Extra’s

  • DB Box
  • Bench
  • Aircon
  • Lights

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